The Bitcoin Revolution — and why it won’t solve humanity’s crises

Rieki Cordon
7 min readApr 8, 2020

Bitcoin is a revolution and like any revolution (rotation) it’s a revolving from one harmful (to most people and our planet) power structure to another.



Concentrates wealth into the “haves” and “have-nots”.

Doesn’t track any form of contribution to the network outside of energy consumption. Along with wasting energy resources (regardless of how that energy is generated, it’s always a waste) that further harm our planet.

Having money that, just by virtue of holding it, is better than investing in real-world (working) or natural assets, further accelerates our economic and ecological crises. If it’s better for me to clear cut my forest (which I could sustainably harvest indefinitely for 3% return each year) and turn it into Bitcoin (which is gaining significantly more each year) then the homo economicus “rational man” will (same with productive assets).

Is too volatile, difficult, and costly to spend as a day-to-day currency — it’s not better than cash.

Bitcoin created a superior version to gold — but we need something else to replace fiat money.

In this article we’ll focus on some fundamental faults of our present money system and how…



Rieki Cordon

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