Why you want to accept Seeds

Rieki Cordon
3 min readMar 28, 2020


A quick guide to this new currency and why you want to be involved.

You’re likely reading this article because someone has asked you if you accept Seeds.

Not those seeds but “Seeds” — the new digital currency that rewards, finances and supports the regeneration of our planet. But those seeds are extremely important too! We want to fund decentralized seed banks with a new Seed (big S) bank!

We’re going to break down why all these organisations are so excited about Seeds and why you could be too.

The reason people accept Seeds is simple. Compared to other forms of money, Seeds offers you more voice and more value while being better for our planet and local communities.

What’s not to love?

More Value = Better for your budget

Since inception Seeds have been steadily gaining in value against national currencies. You can transfer Seeds anywhere in the world near-instantaneously with zero fees.

Seeds are the first “better than free” currency that actually gives rewards for people and organisations spending it over charging fees.

How does this differ from your credit card that gives you rewards? Simply put, that credit card is charging merchants 2-4%+ transaction fees, for which the merchant increases their prices (so you’re paying this fee).
When the credit card company gives you a portion of that back, it’s not “better than free” they’re just giving you back a bit of the money they already took from you.

More Voice = Better for you

When central banks decided to create 12+ trillion USD in the last decade, did you get a say whether or not this money should have been made?

Did you get a say in how it should be spent?

Did you even get any of it?

The people don’t have a voice in how our current financial systems operate, they’re shrouded in secrecy and controlled by a handful of people. This usually results in the vast majority of us getting the short end of the stick.

In SEEDS not only is everything fully transparent, but if you choose to become a Citizen, you will have a direct, noticeable and immutable voice in governance.

Finally, a financial system that is truly by and for the people.

More Regenerative = Better for the planet

SEEDS isn’t just beneficial for the people. It’s a financial system that rewards, incentivises and finances the regeneration of our planet.

Imagine if a portion of that 12 trillion USD central banks made went to set up local food systems that sequestered carbon and ended world hunger. The UN estimates this would have cost 30 billion USD. We could have done that 400 times over.

Now imagine if another portion went to the planet — planting the 1.2 trillion trees required to prevent our climate crises. One organization estimates it would cost 80 billion USD to do so. Which means that we could have financed climate change reversal 150 times over.

We could have ended world hunger and been well on our way to solving our climate crisis with just a portion of the wealth that central banks made in the last decade.

But that money didn’t go to these causes.

With SEEDS a portion share of all new money is directed to grants for regenerative projects. So, the more that SEEDS grows the more money it directs toward the regeneration of our planet.

The other shares go directly to the people, organisations and communities that make up SEEDS!

Best part is, this is all directed by you — the Citizens of SEEDS.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the modern renaissance and be part of growing a globally regenerative financial system!

Click here to download the app — SEEDS Global Passport (ONLY for Phones)

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